Lawman Pistol

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Lawman Pistol
  • Overall Gun Length: 11.75"
  • Ammo Sold Separately – Size #32 RED Rubber Bands - Stretch: 8.75"

Bring the law to the Old West with this trusty 12-shot semi-automatic pistol at your side. No gunslinger or cattle rustler will give you any trouble when you're armed with the Lawman Pistol. Now let's saddle up!

Magnum 12® Rubber Band Gun pistols are among our most popular items. Choose the Colt 22 or Colt Derringer for that little shooter in the family or one of the hard shooting larger pistols for more power and distance. We have a Magnum 12® Rubber Band Gun pistol that’s perfect for shooters of all ages. -- Lock, stock and barrel!